ask-gintarou sent: I am positive that eastern dragons are reptiles with fur.

Scales drew interest in gintarou’s remark. “Scales: Is that so? guess i haven’t seen a eastern dragon, maybe i’ve only seen what they call western dragons then.”

Anonymous sent: why are you so hawt General Scales?

Scales made a teasing smile at the anon. “Scales: Well maybe if you come out of hiding ill tell you straight up, until then ill just answer with, ‘I’m so sexy because i just am.~’”

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Anonymous sent: I thought that Discord would qualify as a furred lizard-creature?

Scales thought about that statement carefully. “Scales: Hmm, i don’t think he would count because if we are talking furry reptiles, hes more than a reptile with fur, infact he has body parts that are not even considered furry or scaled, with that eagle claw hand of his that make him a mixed bag, plus we are talking about a full reptile with hair or fur.” Scales said.

richy-wolf sent: Richy chuckled "Im always bad." as they were walking to the dance floor he gave Scale behind a good hard spap with his hand "Dancing for me huh you already getting me even more excited." He then sat in the cushioned bench right next to the stage.

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Anonymous sent: what do you think or reptiles with hair?

Scales pondered a bit at the question before answering. “Scales: Hmmm it’s rather interesting to see a reptile with hair since its a rather rare sight for me. Ive actually met to meet or see one quite frank if my memory serves me correctly.” Scales said trying to think if that was a true statement still.

richy-wolf sent: He looked at with a big grin and He walked over to him "You look like you've been naughty." He looked down and noticed Scales was getting 'happy' "You excited Scales."

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Anonymous sent: do you just like reptiles? what about us furrs?

"Scales: I’m not biased towards anyone, i just prefer reptiles, however i have some…furry friends that are on my good side." Scales admitted.

richy-wolf sent: As he went in to the room he found the original silk boots but couldn't find the thong but found another orange one that said Big Daddy across the top of it. As we'll as a box of bondage tools such as paddles, belts, and whips. While searching the box he found leather gloves and put them on and went out of the room

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richy-wolf sent: "Sure." Since he didn't normally wear much clothes he only walked around in just a T-shirt so he took it off so he could get in the outfit "What kind of outfit is it." his tail started to wag again

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richy-wolf sent: His innocent smile turned into a seductive one as he stood up and got close to scales "Not if you mind me doing it with you."

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